• April Chapter Meeting
    April 30, 2015, Eugene Hilton, 6:00pm: Microgrids: The Future of Power Transmission. The April meeting will look at how more and more people, institutions, government agencies, and others are looking to microgrids to satisfy their energy needs. Click for more information.
  • March Chapter Meeting
    March 19, 2015: Join us for a panel presentation "CM/GC: What Works, What Doesn't." Come hear best practices and share your experiences with this common delivery method. Panelists include: Jim Chaney, Attorney; Mike Penwell, City of Eugene; Pat Duerr, Chambers Construction; Jim Robertson, Robertson Sherwood Architects; Brian Craner, Lane County
  • Emerging Professionals!
    Are you in the 'sunrise' of your career? New to the AEC industry? Several members of our Chapter are seeking opportunities to meet, learn, laugh, cry, and grow together, but they are looking for ideas and excuses to meet! Contact Marina Wrensch at 541.485.7385 with your ideas or for more info.
  • Lunch-N-Learn Seminars
    Keep that grey matter agile and keep current with your Continuing Education requirements too! Stay tuned for the next Lunch-N-Learn.
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