Monthly Chapter Meetings

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2016-2017 Chapter Activities

month          day        program                                                  meeting location

September      22      Education committee                             Barn Light

September      29      Chapter meeting:

                                        BIM in Construction                               The Octagon


October               6      Education committee                             Barn Light

October               7      Program committee                               Steelhead

October             11      Luncheon-Learn: Allegion                    Baker Center

October             20      Education committee                             Barn Light

October             27      SEMINAR:

                                        Building envelope waterproofing    8:00 a.m. to Noon [location not finalized]

October             27      Chapter meeting:

                                        Ihab Elzeyadi – Building Envelope   Veterans' Club


November          3      Education committee                             Barn Light


December         7  (Wed.)  Chapter meeting:

                                        Drones in Construction                         Veterans' Club

December        13      Luncheon-Learn                                       Baker Center


January              26      Chapter meeting:

                                        Projects in the Pipeline                        Downtown Athletic Club


February           14      Luncheon-Learn                                       Baker Center

February           23      Chapter meeting:

                                        Community Supported Shelters              [location not finalized]


March                14      Luncheon-Learn                                      Baker Center
March                23      Chapter meeting:

                                        Insurance and Bonding          [location not finalized]


April                    11      Luncheon-Learn                                       Baker Center

April                    27      Chapter meeting:

                                        Tour Bach Festival building                 U of O campus, southwest corner


May             18-21       NW region conference                          Seattle, Washington                              

May                    25      Chapter meeting:

                                        Paint 201                                                     [location not finalized]


June                    29      CHAPTER MEETING:

                                        Awards banquet                                      [location not finalized]


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